Apple's own payment UX is just plain bad

Apple's platform can feel arbitary and capricious at time. One rule applies to you, normal users and app, while another to Apple and their apps.

Checkout these two payment flows 👇

Apple's own iCloud payment flow

iCloud payment flow

Normal iTunes payment flow

Normal payment flow

What the fudge!?!

The iCloud payment journey is missing the “double tap” home button to confirm. In this case I was simply investigating what the "Buy" button tap would do. I did not expect it to buy and buy it immediately. Yet because my face was ever present, I was immediately charged.

This is just wrong. A very bad and inconsistent UX.

It is at best neglectful, at worse uncaring. Sure it was just £0.69. It could have been £25 or £199.

It's these situations that I really feel that Apple is letting us (and themselves) down.